Should You Go to Court Over a Business Dispute?

Business disputes are common and can arise for a variety of reasons. While there are several ways to resolve business disputes, litigation is often the best or only option for specific issues.

Here, an experienced business attorney covers a few things you need to know before you go to court over a business dispute.

What are a few common types of business disputes?

No matter the size of your company, you may encounter a wide variety of business disputes. Breaches of contracts are the most common disputes because contracts typically govern most parts of a business. Partnership disputes occur when business partners have conflict over company structure or how it’s run. Employment disputes cover everything from wrongful termination lawsuits to employment agreement violations.

While only some disputes go to court, litigation may be the best action if other resolution attempts have failed.

What should you be aware of before going to court?

Before you go to court over a business dispute, knowing the risks, costs, and benefits of business litigation is essential.

The legal costs may outweigh the benefits

Business litigation can be expensive for all parties involved. In addition to lawyer’s fees, you may also have to pay fees for filing in court, process service fees, deposition fees, document copying and production costs, and other fees associated with case preparation.

All these fees add up and may ultimately outweigh any financial gains from winning the case.

Be prepared for a lengthy court process

People often believe that litigation is a quick fix to any dispute. However, litigation can take a long time, even for a simple lawsuit. While timing will vary based on your specific case and court scheduling, the average litigation process can take several months to years.

Your case may not reach a trial

While going to court can be time-consuming and expensive, litigation may help you settle your case before it reaches a trial. In general, most lawsuits don’t go to trial. Instead, the litigation process offers many opportunities to settle, especially during discovery.

During the discovery period of the litigation process, each party formally exchanges information about the witnesses and evidence they will present during the trial. This information often shows each party that their case isn’t as solid as initially thought and should be settled out of court.

Your case can be settled at any time in the litigation process – before a suit is even filed, before the trial starts, during jury deliberation, or after the verdict. An experienced business attorney can help you negotiate your settlement at any point.

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